Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The off season , cheap tickets and Sean Green.

If you need your fill of Mets stories here are 3 that might be worth your interest. Over at Newsday Ken D discusses who not to bring to the Mets in 2010. He suggests bypassing Orlando Hudson. I agree if the Mets do get other roster spots filled with hitters that hit for extra base power. Then I can deal with Castillo and his 400 singles.

Amazing Avenue seems to think that Sean Green is worth his 500K and should be signed for next year. I see that it is based on all the stats regarding ground balls/flyball percentages and his strikes to walks. I would pass just based on a game the other day when he walked a hitter and then all he had to do is throw a ball to Murphy to get the 3rd out and he choked. This is during a game that means nothing. If he has issues concentrating in a game that means nothing I am sorry I have no use for him. Just look at lefty El Pedro F who has been money!

If you want cheap tickets for the Mets remaining home games
Mets police shows stubhub with tickets for Wednesday game for .89 cents. Maybe by Wednesday they will be 2 for .89 cents. If they thrown in parking it might be worth it.

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Madelene said...

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