Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jason Bay leaning towards being a free agent?

Free agency has to wait until 15 days after the World Series for players to negotiate with other teams. That means Bay can negotiate with the Red Sox at this point to get a deal done and stay a Red Sox.

Well a story that was just posted in the
Boston Herald mentions that negotiations with Bay have not gone far as this year as progressed. Of course that could be Bay and his agent just waiting for other teams to throw $$ at him and then go back to the Sox and say ok match this.

Of course the Mets might be one of teams that Bay might be looking at to get involved. The Mets might not want to sign him due to his age and his penchant for striking out but he would be the upgrade the Mets could use in Left field since having Pagan play left is fine if you don’t need a power hitter.

The Mets might have to overpay to get Bay but if they do go that route it better not make them lose out on a real decent pitcher.

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Jobu said...

sign this guy NOW!!!!!!!!