Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who to Root for in the World Series. How bout rooting for a 4 game sweep.

I have read many an article that this World Series is the Mets version of Hell. 2 Teams the Mets hate since one makes them second fiddle in New York and the other hated since they are our division rivals.

So what do u do ? Do you hope the Yankees kick butt since the Phillies our closest rival and for the last couple of years have beaten us at the 1/8 pole and this year just watched us come up lame?

Or do you sway the opposite since it’s the hated Yankees who always seem to get the press make the right moves and always seem to make it to the playoffs except for 2008.

To me I just root for a 4 game sweep. 4 games make the series over by the end of the weekend. Finally then as Met fans we can put the year behind us.

A 4 game sweep and then this coming Monday the clock starts where free agents can talk to other clubs after the 15 day window. Looking to have the clock start on 2010 is what I need. Whoever wins at this point does it really matter?

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