Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Diary of a Met fan. We have no patience.

Diary of a Met fan. We have no patience.

The last time I Looked at the calendar pitchers and catchers report mid Feb. Well its still December so we have close 2 months before we get through the Super Bowl food coma and look forward to spring training baseball in South Florida .

That doesn’t seem to matter to most Mets fans they need to see improvement now. While the Mets are close to signing a knuckleballer named R. A. Dickey our cross town foes are trading for pitching and our rivals in the Division are signing cy young award winners. I know its tough to watch this off season unfold at a snails pace with minor moves.I see on other sites comments from Mets fans hating the ownership.They also think of some insane types of trades. Of course these people will still watch the games on tv and go to Citi Field when there able too.

As fans we can’t deal with the fact watching other clubs make move after move while we sit around and wait for offers that have grown stale to Bay and Molina. Bay wants 5 years or another team to get involved. Well Omar at this point it just goes to show you what people perceive the Mets at this point in time. Who needs to be blamed you do sir.

Show some respect for your team and pull the offer or set a time limit on it. There is no reason why you can offer someone 65M and have him not say ok or I need more $$. Tell him its there and it wont be there forever. I mean come on. If people dont want to play for the Mets .......

The Wilpons also need to realize the long it takes the worse it looks for the organization. It is ok in my book if Bay doesn’t want to be a Met we will live. Left field has never been a power position for the Mets look at the numbers in the list we have on the sidebar with who has played left field. Take that $$ and do something else constructive.

We would like to see our team do something but I agree we cant do something for the sake of doing something Patience I understand as a Met fan is tough to come by. We all want something under the tree that makes the long winter worth the wait. We also can’t lose face by having a player dictate the market here. If there is another team then why hasn’t Bay signed with them?

Do me a favor Omar move on. Also if you want Molina offer him more money over the 2 years or move on.

I really don’t care that Jason Marquis signed with the Nationals. He is not what we need.

What we need honestly is a management team that is decisive and shows players that Citi Field will be a great place to work and if you cant you should take a walk yourself!

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