Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mets showing interest in Hideki Matsui

In a tweet by Mr Newman at Npbtracker there is word the Mets are interested in the ability of Mr Matsui’s knees by asking for his physical. This of course is too see if the former Yankee can play left field with those knees of his. The Yankees might not want to sign Mr Matsui since they need to free up the DH spot to give more time to catcher Posada.

Matsui has power but to think he can play the outfield especially in Citi Field is a bit crazy if you ask me. Will the Mets play him at first and trade Murphy as part of a package for Roy Boy?

The Mets have also shown interest in over the hill Mike Cameron. I love the guy but he strikes out too much and his average has taken a dive. There were times last year when the Brewers batting him 8th. Hey Omar what are you thinking with these over the hill guys?

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