Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Omar has a plan. Too bad free agents are not cooperating

Today Omar was at Citi Field and the reporters had a nice Q&A with him . He mentions he has a plan.

"Everybody wants us to improve our club. The question is: when do we improve our club? It has to make sense when you make a move. I feel like, in past years, we have always found a way to improve our club, and I feel comfortable we will continue to work hard and, when it’s all said and done, when we get to Opening Day, our team is going to be better than they way they ended last year… We have a plan, and our plan, I like our plan, we know who we’ve targeted, and we feel comfortable if we get our guys we’re gonna have a very good team on the field and we’re going to be a team that will compete for our division and compete for the pennant.”

Of course he doesnt mention that Lackey was part of the plan but he was not interested in pitching for a second tier team Either was Halladay who wanted to go to a winner. Of course the rumors of him wanted 100M were unfounded since the Phillies had to only commit to 3 years and 60 M.

Now he must be on plan C in his words.

"There are still pitchers out there. We feel we that have a solid number one. And, we feel, you know, that we have some pitchers that can… a) we’re gonna need our pitchers to stay healthy, and b) pitch to their capabilities.”

Yes Omar ,Ollie Perez will be stellar. Have you worked on your resume as part of your plan Omar?


Bill said...

I am really surprised how quiet the Mets have been so far this offseason. I really thought they would at least be in the Lackey sweepstakes. I just don't understand Minaya's rationale!


Nikki said...

I'm so tired of Minaya and his double talk at press conferences. Nothing about him or this team currently inspires any confidence...