Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ben Sheets to the A's John Garland lands with the Padres

Well at this point it looks like the Mets might just stick with there rotation . Sheets signed a 1 yr deal with the A's for a reported 10m and now its being reported that John Garland signed a 1 year deal with the San Diego Padres.

The 30 year old Garland went a combined 11-13 with a 4.01 ERA for the D-Backs and Dodgers last season, allowing 225 hits and 24 home runs in 204 innings pitched.

He’s has made at least 32 starts each of the last nine seasons, So of course that means he was durable and for some reason the Mets would prefer to waste time in going after John Smoltz. Not sure why the Mets think the over 40 year old Smoltz would have more of an upside then Garland.

The following pitchers are still free agents: Erik Bedard, Braden Looper, Noah Lowry, Brandon Backe, Mark Mulder, Odalis Perez, Chien-Ming Wang and Jarrod Washburn, and of course El Pedro.

I thought they might make a play at Garland but at this point I think the Mets will be going with the rotation they have. Last year they did sign Livan as a eatings eater with also Tim Redding and of course they had no idea what to expect with Ollie or Maine last year and here they really are in the same boat but are staying the coarse. I dont get it.


metsfan73 said...

Every year we hear the same tired old mantra that the Mets are looking to get younger, so they sign such youngsters as El Denture Hernadez, barely aLivan Hernandez, and Pedro Methuselah Martinez. Each year it seems like they have less of a clue as the year before.

Garland would have been great for this team, but I guess he was too young at 30. Truly disappointed in the job they haven't done this off season. Good thing they aren't having financial issues. Can't wait to see how much they charge for parking this year.

Long Island Met Fan said...

i think there will be licenses for parking