Thursday, January 28, 2010

Omar Minaya-With that being said. Mets still chasing John Smoltz

Hey can you guess how many time Omar will say the phrase.. "With that being said" He of course reallied on that phrase when he was on SNY hot stove. I remember back when Omar was interviewed after the Bay signing and heard him say that phrase over and over and over. It drove me insane to here the Mets GM repeating words like he did.

Of course tonight on Hot stove he said a hole lot of nothing. Kevin asked him about the team saying last fall that the Mets would rely on defense pitching and speed and what they have done? Good job by Kevin to ask him the questions. Of course Omar would mention the signing of Gary Matthews and Jason Bay as bringing in the defense but he didnt really respond to the pitching or the speed. Do we start the Omar watch now?

Will the Mets bring in John Smotlz? Omar likes him for the ability to help young pitchers like Ollie Perez.. Do you think that Smoltz can relate to the air brain that Perez is? I can see him helping Maine and Pelfrey. There are reports he wants 4M? Is he worth 4M . Check out our poll.

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Anonymous said...

Omar with Mike Francesa today. He said "With That being said" 7 times. He also said axed instead of asked. Very telling.