Friday, February 19, 2010

Mets To Play Marlins In Puerto Rico

Adam Rubin - NY Daily News has confirmed (via MLB) that the Mets will play in Puerto Rico against the Marlins on June 28, 29, 30, 2010. This will be the first appearance for the Mets in Puerto Rico since 2004, which was against the Expos.

The Mets roster has quite a few players who call Puerto Rico home: Carlos Beltran, Pedro Feliciano, Angel Pagan, Alex Cora and Omir Santos.

Other interesting snippets Rubin has are:

‘WELCOME SIGN: Looking to avoid a repeat of last year's rash of injuries, the Mets posteda sign in front of the exit to the spring-training clubhouse reading: "Prevention & Recovery." ‘

The Mets have also asked Mike Jacobs to take some reps behind the plate this Spring. Jacobs originally started out as a catcher before moving to first base. He last caught in 2004. On a similar note, there is still no word on Rod Barajas. He is contemplating offers from both the Mets and Rangers.


Long Island Met Fan said...

yup so does Rod prefer the heat of Texas or the spotlight of NY easy decision if you ask me!!!!!

metsfan73 said...

There is also a rumor going around that the Mets are putting feelers out to gauge the interest of Alex Trevino. No word yet from Trevino.