Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daniel Murphy has good game against Astros

Daniel Murphy has a new batting stance when he comes up the plate. Why? Because someone thought it might be a good idea since it might generate more power. Like he has enough to deal with.

I am sure the name Ike Davis makes the man cringe. All he is trying to do is help the ball club. Ever since he was brought up to the Mets he has been under intense pressure and for the most part the Murph man has not cracked. This year he is kind of holding the bag sort to speak for Ike Daivs who the Mets think is the second coming of Mex but with more power. Does it effect Murph ? He just soliders along.

Murph is having a tough spring batting way below the Mendoza line. He looked lost the other day where he struck out a couple of times when they played the Braves. He just does not look comfortable with his new stance.

Well yesterday he smacked a base hit in his first at bat and hit a homer later in the game. If you asked me he was not standing straight but using his crouch a little bit just not as pronounced.

Maybe Murph can find a happy medium. Maybe the Mets can just let the man hit. He is who he is. He might not be a home run machine but if I remember correctly he was 2nd on the team in doubles last year with 38.
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