Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Jose Reyes is not only back, but raring to go. The Mets SS today said the following after taking nine grounders (thanks to David Lennon via Twitter): "Oh man, I'm ready bro!"

Lennon also says that Reyes beat every Met player in every drill, and then proceeded to run to the next practice field.

Stating the obvious, Lennon says, "
There is no low gear for him."

I was never worried about Jose returning, but I would be less than honest if I didn't declare that I am so STOKED - to quote some of today's youths, about him being back in PSL.

Do we really have any doubt that he will be playing SS and leading off on April 5th?

In other good news, Manuel, like in 2009, seems to be backing off batting Reyes third. Thank God. Jerry, you have the best all around leadoff hitter in the NL if not all of baseball. Use him that way.

Now all you sabremetric geeks don't get on me about OBP and other Bill James stats. His on base percentage is about .358 for his career, has gone up each year except last year. Each year his walks have increased. What does that tell me? It tells me he learns, which is the most important thing when it comes to coaching. Having a player that learns.

You watch this guy play every day, and there isn't a more electric player in the game, and I'm am so happy he's back.

Can I get an AMEN from the blogosphere?


Long Island Met Fan said...

i look forward to Manager Jerry coming out next week and saying Yes Jose is back and he is my 3rd place hitter!!!

metsfan73 said...

But can I have an AMEN?!
I think Jerry just likes getting a rise out of fans and reporters, because this is the second Spring he has implied Reyes will bat third. I think he just likes to tweak fans and keep the team on his toes.