Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mets Misch The Boat With This Move

As expected, unfortunately, the Mets placed left-handed pitcher Pat Misch on waivers.

Misch, acquired off the scrap heap last June 9th from the Giants, pitched well for the Mets.

Misch, along with Nelson Figueroa and Jenrry Mejia, was the best pitcher in camp this spring. It looks like Figgy and Mejia have landed a spot on the roster, while Misch, who is not expected to make it through waivers, gets screwed.
If he passes through waivers, which is highly unlikely, the Mets would assign him to AAA Buffalo.

Quoting Metsmerized On Line, "I hope he doesn’t become this years version of Darren O’Day who went on to become one of the premier relievers in the AL last season after being waived by the Mets."

No truer words.
I like Misch and wished he made the club. I thought there might be a chance when Parnell and Green were sent down yesterday, but I guess Mejia, the Golden Child, will make the roster.

How much will the Mets regret it when the 20 year old Mejia starts to take his lumps in the Major Leagues? Mejia would benefit from another year in the minors, but it appears he will make the 25 man roster.

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Anonymous said...

do they still need to cut someone? I count 13 pitchers; wondering who gets cut to give Mejia a spot in the pen?

1 Santana
2 Pelfrey
3 Maine
4 Perez

5 Niese

6 Rodriguez
7 Igarashi
8 Feliciano

9 Calero
10 Takahashi
11 Nieve
12 Figueroa
13 Mejia