Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22nd - This Date In Mets History

Do you believe in Karma? Can't say that I do, but for those of you who might, here is some history for you:

On this date in 1970, Tom Seaver struck out 19 Padres to tie an NL record. More impressively, he struck out the last 10 batters he faced in the Mets 2-1 victory. To say Seaver was dominant is an understatement. Not only 19 batters for the game, but the last 10 in a row!

Fast Forward to April 22, 2010 - can some of this Karma rub off on Johan tonight against the Cubs?
Lets hope so. The Mets can salvage this series against the Cubs with a victory tonight. That would be nice heading into the weekend series against the Braves.

It would be great to have some of the Tom Terrific Magic rub off on Johan and the Mets tonight.

Sources: Baseball Almanac, Metsmerized Online


Long Island Met Fan said...

werent you at the game with your son? :)

metsfan73 said...

No, it was with my Grandson! Wise arse!