Monday, April 19, 2010

Ike Davis Era Begins Tonight: Time For Mets Fans To Be Excited, But Understanding

Tonight is the night Mets fans have been waiting for since June 5, 2008 - the day they drafted Ike Davis with the #18 pick.

I feel bad for Daniel Murphy who ran into bad luck, but so did *Wally Pipp.

I along with with esteemed colleague, Long Island Met Fan, believe Davis should have been given the entire year to grow and learn, but truth being said, I am looking anxiously for the Ike Davis Era to begin.

One point to note though; the Mets and their fans need to be patient. Davis has not spent much time in the minors, and he might very well struggle. He also might achieve some success, but no matter what, we must be patient.

Looking back to 1988, the Mets had a can't miss stud. He played third base, but when brought up, after the All Star break in '88, was moved to 2B. He hit like a Hall Of Famer, and helped the Mets finish off the rest of the NL East in their inevitable clinching of the NL East title.

All was great. All was wonderful.
He wasn't ready. He replaced a fan favorite in Wally Backman, but by his second year, he was merely average, and was quoted as questioning rhetorically, "Why am I here. I don't know what I'm doing here..."

Gregg Jefferies had a respectable career, but it didn't even scratch the surface of what the Mets and their fans were anticipating. I don't want the same sequel to Gregg Jefferies with Ike Davis. Manuel, as well as Minaya and the Mets, need to monitor this young man carefully.

If Spring Training was any showing of what might lie before us, we might have the 1B that teams will envy. That being said, we need to temper our excitement with understanding and a sense of caution.

Daniel Murphy started his pro career as a .320 hitter, and by the time 2009 had finished, he wasn't a .300 hitter.

To Ike Davis: Enjoy Tonight. This is something that the majority of young boys dream about.

To Mets Fans: Be patient and understanding. But, enjoy tonight. It could be the start of something special.

To Jerry, Omar, and the Wilpon's: Be careful. This could be a great move, or one that not only haunts the Mets for years, but destroys a young mans career.

Metsfan73 wishes the best for Mr. Davis. I hope he is the reincarnation of Keith Hernandez. He will wear #42 tonight, but 29 normally. Just like another can't miss prospect,
Dave Magadan.

* Lou Gehrig replaced Wally Pipp when Pipp claimed to be ill and asked out of lineup. Gehrig went on to play in 2,130 consecutive games.



Rob A from FBD said...

I think it would kill some Mets fans if Ike turned into Gregg Jeffries.

I think he could have used more time in triple-a, but he was killing it down there so they can give him a shot. He might have to take another short trip back there, but hopefully they show patience with him. The fan too.

Long Island Met Fan said...

well at least he got off to a good start tonight!