Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look for Daniel Murphy to supplant Smithtown’s Frank Catalanotto

Don’t expect Murphy to be the first baseman when he returns from his DL stint. Ike Davis will be the everyday first baseman unless he starts hitting like the Braves rookie Heywood who was on the bench yesterday and has 1 hit in his last 23 at bats for the reeling Atlanta Braves who have now lost 8 in a row.

Daniel is back to running this week and just started taking reps this week in the batting cage. At some point he will be pushed into some games down in St Lucie. Then when he is ready to return look for him to replace Frank Catalanotto as the lefty off the bench. Frank has done nothing so far this year.

There is chatter that fans want him to work at second base so he can replace Castillo. I do not see that happening right now. His bat is needed even if he just a pinch hitter. Fans hate Castillo but he continues to get on base.


Jobu said...

Don't hate Smithtown....Frankie Cee rules!!!!!!!Murphy needs to go stay in Buffalo.

Long Island Met Fan said...

catalonto is as good as joe mcuseless...