Saturday, May 15, 2010

Manager For A Day

Searching the blogosphere and all that I see; disgruntled Mets fans staring at me...

I promise, no more rhyming.

Everywhere you go, every blog site you go to, the talk is of the anemic Mets offense and/or the destruction of Ollie P.

Oliver Perez isn't an easy fix, and I think I am alone when I say I feel bad about/for him. I always liked Ollie and have been in his corner. I even went so far to predict he would win 15-16 games this year. Must have been all those drugs in the '60's.*

Perez really should be sent to the minors to work out whatever is ailing or troubling him. Problem is, OP doesn't have to accept the assignment. He should though. His career is at a sink or swim point right now, and the only reason he is
still in the starting rotation is becau
se the Mets are still on the hook for another $24M (including this year) of his three year $36M contract, which doesn't expire until the conclusion of the 2011 season. Let Perez pull a Steve Trachsel, and work out his problems. Then after a month or two, he might have found his Mojo, and return to the Mets. Will Ollie do this? Doubtful. I have a feeling he will wind up with some mysterious injury and be DL'd.

Now for the lineup:
1. Jose Reyes SS - Put him back where he belongs
2. Luis Castillo 2B - has been under-appreciated for two years. Has been solid in the 2 hole

3. Ike Davis 1B - A bit young, yes, but puts the bat on the ball more than Bay and

4. Jason Bay LF - Even though having a bad year, he is a #4 hitter

5. David Wright - Bay and Wright back-to-back is dangerous due to all the
strikeouts, but it
might be the best solution.
6. Rod Barajas C - OBP aside, he rakes. Let him get some AB's with runners actually
on base.

7. Jeff Francoeur RF - In a bit of a slump and could be dangerous batting behind
Barajas, but
still think it's the best place for him.
8. Angel Pagan CF - has been good with the bat, so moving him down in the order
will start
things off again, and might be helpful at the start of
an inning, so Reyes and
Pagan will get AB's together in the
same inning.

9. Starting Pitcher

Now, another idea, and I am not alone in this idea, is to find another hitting coach. No Met has improved under the tutelage and guidance of Howard Johnson. He has been with the team for three or so years, and his prized pupil, Nuke LaLoosh (Wright) has gotten progressively worse. Is it all HoJo's fault? No. The player has to bear a good portion of the responsibility. Every year since 2006 Wright's strikeouts have increased. Last year there was a significant increase in strikeouts - Wright ended 2009 with 140 - an increase of 22 strikeouts from 2008, with 91 less AB's. His HR production is non existent. I never considered LaLoosh a HR hitter. He was a guy with plate discipline with occasional power, who hit to RF well. None of that can be said of what we have seen of Wright since the closing months of 2008. It might be a bit pre-mature, but I would say yes, this move needs to be made.

Who should replace HoJo as hitting coach? How about Rusty Staub? There was no better student of the game than Staub, and if he can instill just a little bit of understanding the game in guys like Wright, Reyes, Pagan, and Francoeur, the Mets would be much better.

What are your suggestions? Agree? Disagree? Feel free to chime in.
* Just a joke. Never did drugs in the '60's.

Sources: Cotts and Baseball Reference


Long Island Met Fan said...
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Long Island Met Fan said...

i think it would be a good idea to have pagan 6th since he is a contact guy. Barajas and frenchy after Wright will see too many strikeouts. bat frenchy 8th. he is lucky to be in the lineup right now. said...

I think Staub would definitely be a better hitting coach than a running coach.