Friday, May 21, 2010

Mets Shopping Castillo?

According to Fox Sports, the Mets are shopping beleaguered 2B Luis Castillo. This time, there might be an interested team...the Colorado Rockies.

The Rockies have been disappointed with back-up 2B
Melvin Mora. If the Mets send Castillo to Colorado, they more than likely would have to pick up a big chunk of his remaining salary, which is $12M covering 2010 and 2011.

If the Mets do move Castillo, the report states that Daniel Murphy might be the player chosen to play second. Murphy has not played much at 2B, and what he has played, hasn't been anything to write home about.

Murphy is believed to be more of a utility player. Does that mean there would be a platoon of Cora and Murphy? Both are left handed hitters. Could it open the way for a youngster such as
Wilmer Flores? He is only 19, and not yet ready.

Castillo has actually been pretty good this year, other than his abysmal .640 OPS, which is 13th lowest in the league. Castillo has been professional. I have never 'liked' the guy, but he does come to play, and although his range has decreased over the years, he plays a pretty solid 2B.

More rumors to lead into one of the two weekends I hate most...the Subway Series. Can't wait to hear the morons on ESPN Sunday night have yet another useless tid-bit of information to toss out to viewers.


Flushing Baseball Daily said...

This might sound stupid, but it might be a good idea to sell high right now.

At this point his contract isn't completely unreasonable, he's competent with a bat, and he's actually been fielding better than he has in a while.

Murphy can probably handle second adequately enough. I'm sure he'll be horrible at times, but Castillo can be pretty bad too every now and then.

Long Island Met Fan said...

At least murphy can hit a double and maybe score Reyes before the big guns get up and strike out...