Friday, May 21, 2010

Mets win but what to make of John Maine

Kudos goes out to journeymen pitcher Raul Valdes. The Mets road on his back for 5 innings as John Maine lasted 1 batter and 5 pitches. Maine was not really pushing the radar gun and Warthen had mentioned that in the bullpen before the game Maine had nothing as he warmed up.

Manager Jerry walked out there with Warthen and took out the pitcher and him and Maine were going at it in the dugout. It wasnt a heated discussion as mentioned on the SNY broadcast but it was pointed. Maine is a liar when it comes to how he feels and Warthen was quoted with saying "When he is throwing that way, then there has got to be something incorrect in that arm. Something has got to be feeling bad. John is a habitual liar in a lot of ways, as far as his own health. He is a competitor and a warrior, and he wants to go out and pitch, but we have to be smart enough to see that he isn't right, that the ball isn't coming out of his hand correctly."

Manager Jerry had to make a decision and I think its the fault of Warthen by letting Maine convince him that he was ok to go out there. Not like the Mets had a fallback option since Takahashi is slated to pitch against the Yankees tonight. There was chatter that Maine will see a doctor today but that was news to him.

Maine is a competitor but if he hurts the team with pitching when he shouldn't we have a problem with that.

Mets did win 10-7 last night with Wright having a 3 run double in the first and Barajas hit a 2 run homer his 10th. The bullpen after Valdes almost coughed up the game but the Mets held on.

Source-Daily News


Jobu said...

bye, bye, john.

Anonymous said...

Maine is from this area and probably had family and friends at the game...

Anonymous said...
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