Thursday, June 17, 2010

John Maine to pitch in Buffalo Friday night. Crickets rejoice.

The Mets were off on Monday and I think SNY showed the Buffalo Bisons telecast . They were playing the Iron Pigs. Isnt that the best name for a team? Anyway they were showing the pitcher and off to his right you can see the stands behind 3rd base. A lot of empty seats I tell you. There was 1 attentive fan in that block of seats. A seagull. He was perched on top of the seat watching the action as F Mart pop out to shallow center field. I am not sure if he was a Bisons fan but he did stay through 2 batters before he found something more of interest. Probably a hot dog wrapper.

John Maine will pitch for the Bisons Friday night in his 2nd rehab start. Manager Jerry said he is destined for the rotation when he comes back. Great. So Takahashi has not been lights out but do they really expect Maine to produce? Or is it more like they have to hope for lighting in a bottle. He was on the DL for shoulder stiffness, tendinitis or whatever they made up. Did he find his fastball during this hiatus? No but the Mets will hope that Maine will be able to pitch better then he has all year. Good luck

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metsfan73 said...

Maybe they will put him in the rotation to showcase him in a possible trade...