Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mets get 1 in Puerto Rico-Pelfrey awful

Not sure if the Mets enjoyed playing in Puerto Rico but they did at least get 1 victory against the Marlins on the back of David Wright 2 doubles late last night-early this morning and beat the Marlins 6-5.

This time K Rod pitched the 9th and of course made it a nail bitter with the winning runs on base but came through and the Mets now play 4 in our Nations capital with a Strausburg meeting on Saturday.

Mike Pelfrey was pretty bad with his secondary pitches and was grooving a couple of them right over the middle to the feisty Marlins that chipped away at the Mets lead to tie the score at 4.

Thole gave the Mets the lead for good with another pinch hit with the bases loaded. Deseens saved Pelfrey with runners on and 2 outs and the score tied at 4 induced a grounder to himself. He has been a All Star in the bullpen of late that really deserves more credit then he gets.

Mets play 4 against the Nationals now with Santana on the mound tonight against former Met Livan Hernandez.

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