Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mets go Bay-less and crush Wainwright.

For a night Mets fans get to go to bed with a bottle of Tums. The Cards scored first and are like 30-9 are something like that when they score first but last night even with the Golden Boy Adam Wainwright the Mets slugged there way to a 8-2 victory.

Jason Bay was sidelined for a mild concussion from his run in with the outfield wall in the Dodger Series. I originally thought it was Manager Jerry over managing but Bay was scratched and will not see action for a couple of days.

Facing Wainwright for the first time in NY since ….The Ace couldn’t get his Curveball over and the Mets were able to make him pay with a couple of dunks by Beltran and a blast by Frenchy.
Before you knew it the Mets had a 4-1 lead . The Mets kept adding on and had 3 innings in a row with crooked numbers. Maybe now we don’t have to hear Gary Cohen below out the stat that the Mets have not scored in so and so innings. It gets tiring. Sometimes I think that every stat is at your fingertips is a downfall when it comes to a broadcast but that’s for another day.

The Cards did make Niese sweat a couple of times where you thought no lead was safe . He only pitched 6 innings until Manny Acosta came in and shut the door getting 3 outs facing only 2 batters.

Shout outs go to Frenchy and Reyes for home runs . Frenchy just cleared the left Center wall against a curveball that just spun out over the plate and Reyes shot was to the Pepsi porch on a fastball in his wheel house.

K Rod came in to get some work in and only faced 3 batters!! The game ended with the strike out of Pujous who is like 2 for 19 against the Mets so far this year and the Mets are now a whopping 2 games over .500 and gained a game on the Braves who lost.

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