Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mets rumors- Jake Westbrook and reliever Scott Downs.

Mets might be turning away from Ted Lilly and should be looking at Jake Westbrook again according to Harper at the Daily News . The Mets didn’t really think he was worth trading for when they faced him but according to the article A Met rep said "He's a veteran with a reputation as a gamer so you have to think he'd be revitalized by getting out of Cleveland and getting into a pennant race”

He is owed bout 5M of his 11M salary for 2010. Is he going to give you innings yes but at 5 M? I would pass.

The Mets might have to give a decent prospect to get someone like Myers from the Astros who you know would relish pitching against the Phillies. The Mets were also scouting Scott Downs and Kevin Gregg of the Blue Jays- Problem is everyone wants Downs since there are not many decent relievers out there.

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