Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mets sign friend of K Rods Brian Bruney

New travels fast. The Mets signed the 28 yr old before Friday nights game and K Rod mentioned that he texted him right away and said congrads! Of course it was bs

Bruney played with the Nats and then was released in May and signed a minor league with the Brewers and was released. He can still strike out guys but his walks are way up which of course fits right in with the Metssies.

He was assigned to the Bisons and Manager Jerry was asked if he thinks there will be issues with Bruney and K Rod if Bruney makes the team. Of course Manager Jerry is going to say no. Why do these guys ask such stupid questions? I am sure the 2 of them will have a nice fight to the death in front of the media to make them happy.

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