Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mets Tried To Unload OP & Castillo For Cubs Zambrano

Jon Heyman tweeted today that the Mets offered Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez to the Cubs for starter Carlos Zambrano. The Cubs declined.

Ken Rosenthal
later tweeted that the deal


"...never had chance. Cubs can rebuild Z's value final 2 months. He will not be moved today.

Heyman later opines that Ollie will not accept minor league assignment. Jerry has said he will not use Ollie at home.

It is time the Mets part ways with the much maligned and beleaguered Mr. Perez.
Since there is no market for him, they should cut their losses and release him.

There is only a little over three hours until the deadline, and all is quiet on the Flushing Front.

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