Friday, July 30, 2010

Minaya Makes Deadline Deal

...never in his stead as Mets GM.

Many Mets fans like we here at 24 Hours...are waiting with baited breath t
o see what, if any, deals will be made this year to either bolster or rebuild this team we follow.

I'm not going out on a limb when I say nothing, or at least nothing helpful nor significant will happen by the trade deadline close tomorrow.

When the Mets hired Minaya away from the Expos in the fall of 2004, it was perceived that he was a free-wheeler trader, and with his "complete autonomy", he would be a real maverick every July 31st. He has made only one trade on July 31 for the Mets. That trade ca
me on July 31, 2006 when he made the mistake of trading Xavier Nady to Pittsburgh for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez. The panic trade was made after the Mets wound up losing Duaner Sanchez for the season when injured in a taxi accident going on a late night munchy run.

Other than that, not one trade has been made by Mr. Autonomy at the trade deadline. The ironic part about that, never have the Mets in that time said they were in a selling mode because of the team's failures; no, they have always been "in the mix" in their deluded minds.

Over the last two or three years the new catch phrase has been "waiver deals" after the deadline. A player must clear waivers (not being claimed by any team) before being able to consummate a trade after the July 31st deadline.

Why do I bring up all this
agony? Because the Mets and Omar aren't going to make a trade, let alone a significant one. As always, the Mets will blow smoke up our keister to try and make it sound like that missing ingredient is on the way. It's not Mets fans.

...And you know why? Because Omar has never had "complete autonomy." He is simply Jeff Wilpon's marionette. The Mets have shown such disrespect for the intelligence of their fans over the years, that they actually think they can hood-wink us into believing something better is on the horizon.

The Mets are strapped for cash. Do we really think they will make any deal this deadline? They didn't make much of an inquiry to Oswalt or Cliff Lee, and they expect us to believe that they are still financially secure. Baloney!

Cliff Lee is a free agent at season's end. He will most likely become a Yankee around the New Year, but do we expect to be a player in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes? Don't get your hopes up.

This team is more than one player away, but to do nothing will keep us further away. I'm not implying that a block-buster deal must be made, but at least something that will help the team. Ted Lilly isn't the answer. Neither is Brendan Donnelly. These are the wonderful names we've heard bandied about. Makes me want to get season tickets for

Sources: CBS Sports and my convoluted mind.


Long Island Met Fan said...

Brilliant! Love those Wiltpons and Omar is there puppet! Free wheeling Omar I am sure will be making such the deal for a reliever at this point and we will be so Amazed..NOT!!!! Of course Jerry wants a starter but that doesnt matter now does it?

metsfan73 said...

Maybe Tom Glavine is still looking for work!

Jobu said...

the wilpons are slowly creeping up behind jim dolan as the WORST owners of a franchise ever.....sadly its in the BIGGEST market/town of the universe.