Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mistake With Reyes Again: Mets Lineup V. Braves - July 10, 2010

Thanks to David Lennon for today's Mets lineup:

1. Pagan - CF

2. Reyes - SS

3. Wright - 3B

4. Davis - 1B

5. Bay - LF

6. Francoeur - RF

7. Barajas - C

8. Cora - 2B

9. Pelfrey - SP

We are back to the Jerry Manuel is insane portion of the season: Jose Reyes faltered in the third position in the batting order. After what appeared to be an exceedingly excruciatingly long period of time, Reyes was moved back the the #1 slot. He prospered and made the All Star Team.

After an injury to his right oblique, Manuel has decided to bat Reyes second. He had a gift double last night, but Jose is the leadoff hitter...PERIOD! If he isn't healthy enough to play, either sit him or DL him.

The Mets were flat last night. Bay has been brutal, and it should be considered maybe sitting him for a game or two. I like Bay, and I think he will do well, he is just looking like Beltran '05.

The Mets are on Fox at 4:10 this afternoon.

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