Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Santana win and Jason Bay the big hit: Who would have thunk it

It should not read like something so foreign but it does. Johan gives up 1 run and gets a Win and Jason Bay clears the bases with a double. See thats the ticket! Now just duplicate that for the next 6 weeks and we will forget about the first 90+ games where he did nothing.

Honestly the defense in the outfield was incredible last night even leading legendary broadcaster Vin Scully to say" the Mets outfield will catch everything"

Bay almost gets his faced torn off when he hits the Dodgers outfield/bullpen fence on a ball hit by Jaime Carrol . Pagan had 2 nice sliding catches by the right field stands and Beltran got in the act with a sliding catch as well.

The Mets beat the Dodgers 6-1 and really just layed into there bullpen when they took out the starter Padilla who at 1 point had retired 17 in a row. Watching it you just though ok here we go the Dodgers somehow are going to get the lead and the Mets will be done. Santana to his credit was throwing first pitch strikes and if Castro had caught the 1 hop throw from Pagan to nail a runner coming home on a sacrafice fly he would have had a shut out.

Bay batted 7th last night and had kept his bat on his shoulder until getting ready for the pitch. He spent sometime in the batting cage with Manager Jerry and Ho Jo trying to tinker a little bit with his stance and set up before the pitch and he did hit the ball hard in each at bat with 2 hits and 3 rbi's.

Per Mr Rubin at ESPNNY Bay had this to say regarding the work in BP.. “It helped with the timing, I wasn’t getting the rhythm of my hands and my feet to work. … I just kind of put the bat on my shoulder to start, and once you get going they end up where they end up without all this other [extraneous] stuff. It sounds simple/stupid. I had never done it before. "

Mets might have a lineup now with Bay 7th and Castillo 2nd while Pagan bats 3rd. Of course until they lose.

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