Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal Carter batting cleanup. The we are in the playoff hunt lineup vs the Bucs

Nothing like having a guy who has 15 rbi’s as your masher batting 4th. As the Mets get ready to play the Bucs who are 1 loss away from another losing season they have Chris Carter batting 4th and Beltran hitting 3rd. Yeah this is a lineup that might work. I can see Manager Jerry with the dart board with a bunch of faces and today’s winner was the Animal.

The Mets are coming off a 3 hit performance against the Astros last night and still don’t understand why Hojo is still the batting coach. Most reporters tend to think that a batting coach is useless anyway. I think at this point that if Hojo is dumped that maybe all his buddies might feel a little bit accountable and maybe inspire themselves to do better. Anything that can help there weak performance since the All Star break.

Manager Jerry All Star lineup tonight against the hapless bucs.

Reyes, Pagan lf, Beltran, Carter rf, Wright, Davis, Thole, Tejada, Pelfrey

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Jobu said...

whats Jerry smokin' ?