Thursday, August 12, 2010

K Rod released and Wife and father inlaw have an order of protection against him

K Rod was booked and Released on his own recognizance a short time ago in Queens. He leaves with an order of protection against him . He can not go near his "wife" or his "father in law."

He can simmer for a day or so as the Mets didnt need him today as Johan went 9 in the Mets 4-0 win this afternoon.   

K Rod has to stay away from his wife and his kids. He needs a police escort to go to his place to get his stuff. The Father in law Carlos Pena was upset with K Rod for talking down to his daughter and K Rod. Also Pena was yelling in spanish at K Rods mom and then started to hit the 53 yr old and slammed his head into the wall.

Beltran was stated as saying that everyone has family problems but the place to discuss things are at home Beltran's wife who witnessed the incident was quite upset. 

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