Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mets battle for once and win on walk off hit by Castillo

Tonight was one of those rare nights where the Mets played crisp ball, hit the ball and had key hits with 2 outs and very smart base running helped the Mets over come the Marlins and won 6-5.

Big nights for Angel Pagan who had 4 hits and a key hit in the 8th which he stretched a single into a double with 2 outs on a mental lapse from Maybin in Centerfield. Beltran had a 2 out rbi single then to tie the score at 5.

This was after R A Dickey gave up a 3 run homer to new Met killer Gabby Sanchez with 2 outs in the 7th. Dickey was laboring in the 7th and due to a botch call on a pick off attempt of Ramirez the inning was prolonged. 

Frenchy who has been very patient at the plate had 2 sacrifice flies for 2 rbis and Wright had a triple and a single.

The Mets broke out the bats with 12 hits including 3 in the 9th with Davis and Thole getting singles and then with 2 outs Luis Castillo batting righty against Ohman hit a flair past Uggla into right field and Davis who had a great lead at 2nd was able to score with Stanton's throw wide of the plate to give the Mets a much needed come from behind win. 

The Mets won for only the 2nd time after trailing after 7 innings . Castillo had come in as a double switch for the no offense Tejada and should be given the chance to play tomm night.

Not that there is much to compare it too but could have been the best game the Mets have played since ther All-Star break.

Check out the box score here

Side note Rod Barajas...of course has 3 hits including a homer in first game for Dodgers.

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metsfan73 said...

Maybin is notorious for mental lapses. Many times this year runners have been able to take an extra base due to his lethargy