Monday, August 23, 2010

My 3 picks for September call ups. Mejia,Dillion Gee and Lucas Duda.

They are possible talking about changing September call ups in the next CBA which will occur after the 2011 season. We might be looking at having teams who bring up players from there minor league have a set number of guys activated based on the other team. Well for 2010 and ’11 now it’s bring as many as you want. Only 3 I would like to see are pitchers Jenrry Mejia, Dillion Gee and outfielder Lucas Duda.

Mejia I would only like to see if they give him a chance to start just to see how he does. Nick Evans has really done extremely well this year but I personally really have no interest in seeing him to be honest. Lucas Duda shows some promise.

Going to concentrate a little on Duda here since he has seem to really risen up the ranks in 2010. The 24 year old was a seventh round (243rd overall) pick out of the University of Southern California in the 2007 First-Year Player Draft. He spent time in Brooklyn and St Lucie and spent all of ’09 in Binghamton and was called up to the Bisons in May of this year. He plays the outfield and first base. It is has been said he is a blue collar type of player that will run through a wall. Mets can use players like that on this team. The Mets have pitchers like that and the offense really doesn’t seem to project itself that way.

Duda brings something to the table that Mets could use. A bat who this year who has hit for average as well the kid has developed some power. Close to 50% of his hits this year have been of the extra base/hr variety. He has provided some pop for the Bisons with 17 home runs and a slugging percentage north of .600 and it’s over .700 against right pitching. The kid also seems to do pretty well in the clutch.Duda is hitting well over .300 with runners in scoring position in a small sample of 60+ at bats and has hit .317 since joining the Bisons in June. He has an on base percentage of over .380 which includes 24 walks and 48 strikeouts in 227 at bats.Check which Mets these days have a OBP over .380. Yes I know its not the majors but still. The kid projects to be a corner outfielder with not much speed.

With F Mart now sidelined with a knee injury that he suffered over the weekend. It would be cool to see someone come up here in September that can breathe a little life into the club by hitting something more than a ground ball single through the infield. How much can we watch Tejada go 0 for 4 in the lineup. He is now one for his last 33. The Mets need to bring up players that can be exciting to watch in the field as well as at the plate. Lucas Duda could be that type of player.

Let us know who you think the Mets should bring up when the roster expands...

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Anonymous said...

MY 8 picks for september call UPS:
1. Mejias
2. D. Gee
3. Ratliff
4. Nieuwenhuis
5. Duda
6. Evans
7. Powers
8. Flores

My 6 release in september:
1. O. Perez
2. Castillo
3. Green
4. Hessman
5. Maine
6. Beltran