Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Omar Minaya needs to go

I am not usually a pessimist with this Mets team that I have been following since the Early to Mid 70’s .  Usually life circumstances just place me in a position to just not have as much time or interest in the team.  Back in the Mid 90’s I lived in florida for a stretch and I saw the Mets when they played the Marlins and really that was it. I still had interest but it was tough to foster before the age of blogs etc.     Now for the last I would say 5 years my interest has been at its peek  like it was when I was a kid. Even when they lost that game 7 in the NLCS against the Cardinals in ’06 I felt that this team can still rake. Now of course those days are over and we are stuck with a .500 team. I really just don’t see this team doing any better in 2011 and the first one that needs to get fired is Minaya. 

I had a lot of hope for him when he was brought on since I know he was amazing working the Expos with a budget that was set by Major league baseball.  I give him Kudos for giving R A Dickey a chance as well as Takahashi.  What I don’t give him kudos for how to set this team up to win. I blame him for allowing this teams backup players to be minor league retreds in 2009 when ¾ of the team were injured. We go another season with no one who can hit for average except Pagan in a park that invites gap to gap hitters . Instead we have batters like Davis who fights himself for ¾ of the year. Sorry he gets no pass. Go look around the league to the likes of Gabby Sanchez etc. We have hot rod fielders like Carter who can’t even freaking throw a ball but he is called animal for his intense pregame work. Too bad it doesn’t transfer to the field where it counts!
Don’t forget who we started the season with . Where is Gary Matthews Jr or Frankie C or Jacobs? We also have a aging backup catcher that has done absolutely nothing this year with the bat.  I really like Blanco and how he works with the pitchers and helped Thole but you need another backup with some thump if your going to run out Thole every day.
Minaya gets all the blame him for not being able to deal with the Wilpon's and the media.  How can a man who is in the Media capital of the world not be able to address the media and sound intelligent?  Why does every other statement have to start with ..”and with that being said”  
The Mets can’t embark on a way up the NL east ladder with Minaya at the GM spot.  Every team looks to be better in 2011 except the Mets.  Of course you can blame the Wilpons but I also have learned in business you learn to accept the shortcoming of the hierarchy and you learn to make the best moves you can with the assets you have.  Minaya has failed miserably this time.  Will he still be in the organization? I think really depends on the next GM but as a GM he needs to move on. 

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metsfan73 said...

The other problem is that very few want to work for Mutt and Jeff Wilpon. They have no business plan, and are too involved in a game they don't understand. They need to hire someone like Kevin Towers (who probably wouldn't accept a job)and then need to sit down and shut up, and let the "BASEBALL PEOPLE" do their job. The Wilpon's should only get involved if the GM needs to go over budget. Otherwise, leave him be and let him do his job.