Monday, September 13, 2010

Who should stay and who should go?

As the Mets brethen wake up to face another day of Mets futility just couple of things rumbling in my head. Yes the Mets need to make changes before the 2011 season on the field as well as the management but should the Mets just add some fringe players or trade some of there stars to get something hot spots in the field filled? 

Everyone wants to trade it seems Carlos Beltran and I am not one of them.  He needs to stay. If the Mets trade him they will get nothing for him due to his salary and no is ready to take a flier on the guy and his 18M salary. Now this is nothing against Angel Pagan who is having a great season except for the last week  or so where his average is coming down from the .300 mark to the high .280's  Pagan to me is the better centerfielder at this point on defense but who wants to have someone that is hitting 10 home runs when you dont know what you will have with Bay next year.  Beltran salary will stop the Mets from getting any decent return since there not going to eat his contract or even part of it if there not willing to even dump Olllie or Castillo who is only owed 6M for next year. 

Beltran needs the off season to comeback and be a force. Fans dont realize that even though he is back he is not up for the rgors of every dcay play yet.  Look at Delgado when he hurt his wrist. We thought he was done and then he gave the fans thrils with 2nd helf lights out perfromance in 2008. 

Should the Mets trade Ike Davis or Jon Niese?   It is great seeing these rookies perform but is Davis going to hit 35-40 homers and drive in 100 runs  and hit .280?  If not then the Mets should trade him this off season to bring back another solid slightly older player this is proven to play second or somewhere else.  Castillo will sit if he is with the team and we need someone that can hit .270 and drive in 50-60 runs while playing 2nd and that is not Tejada. 

Niese could get the Mets a very nice return since the Rookie is having a solid season. He has in at least 20 starts given up 3 runs or less . As a lefty the Mets could get a pretty good value in return. 

If the Mets want to compete in 2011 small moves are not going to make a difference it is time to be bold!

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Jobu said...

ollie, beltran, catillo, all GO

Niese & Ike both STAY

Jobu has spoken!!!!!!!!!