Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mets will interview Sandy Alderson- Jeff should have Fred there.

The Mets right now will have 4 interviews this coming week with Sandy Alderson coming in to interview with for the Gm position late in the week. 

Alderson has been involved in baseball for close to 30 years. Serving as the Oakland A's GM during that club's World Series run in the late 80's . He was there GM from 1983 to 1997 and also worked for the Padres before joining MLB. 

Jeff might want to have Fred in there since Alderson was wheeling and dealing more then likely back when Jeff was still climbing through college.  

Alderson worked with John Ricco for MLB for a while and he could groom the Mets assistant GM.  Alderson has been out of the GM roll for at least 10 years. Will that work against him and ever if its intriguing to him will he feel that way after he interviews with the likes of Jeff Wilpon. Do not see Alderson wanting to be asking permission for everything.

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