Friday, October 29, 2010

Sandy Alderson is raring to go

If you didnt get a chance to watch the press conference today, you really come out with the impression that Alderson is ready to go and wants to bring a winning culture to the Mets and there fan base-  A couple of points.

  • He believes the team should have a fiery manager that is much like the fans are
  • He thinks the Mets are middle of the pack organizational wise
  • Believes the Mets can be in the top 5 after a year or 2 with some good drafts and some international signings
  • Even with lmited flexibility payroll wise thinks the Mets can be a contender in 2011
  • He will make decisions and the ones he cant he will go to the Wilpons and impress on them why his decison is the correct one. 
The guy seems to be the real deal and is quick to point out that he feels this position is unique especially based on the City of New York and how is really does enjoy the game of baseball

Kudos for Newsday Lennon for asking about what he thinks of certain contracts like Castillo and Olllie where Alderson was frank thinking of them as assets and not ready to throw them away.

For more on the press conference check out

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metsfan73 said...

Favorite part was when he mentioned how proud he was to be with the Oak...(smile) NY Mets. He and the press handled it well.