Monday, November 22, 2010

Chip Hale and Mookie Wilson part of Collins staff?

The Mets will introduce there new Manager on Tuesday Terry Collins. He wasnt my first choice but at least it wasnt Bob Melvin. Collins will bring some discipline to the club and the clubhouse . Now who will be his coaches.  Chip Hale might return as a bench coach and Mookie Wilson might be back as well. Why?  Not sure . Some say diversity. Really so they dont interview a African American  for the Manager so they just throw Wilson in as a coach for some good will?   Doesnt make any sense if you ask me. 

There is also talk about moving Warthen from his pitching coach job and giving it to Dave Wallace who was the Mets pitching coach back in '99-'00 . I am sure Big Pelf would love that since he seem to do ok under Warthen . Wallace worked with Collins back in the Dodger organzation.

9:00AM *** It seems at this point Warthen will stay in his role as pitching coach but Randy Nieman might be heading to the minors and not be the bullpen coach anymore *******

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