Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mets all time winning manager Picks Collins

As we head into another football sunday and us Mets fans wait for a sign on who will lead the 2011 Mets crew 1 former manager has spoken out yet again.

Davey Johnson, who by far has the most Met wins as a manager, with 590 wins  has stated in the past he has a soft side for fan favorite Wally Backman.  Well now since the pundits need something to wright about leading up to the the Mets manager decision have spoken to Johnson again and now he says with his head he thinks it should be Collins.

According to the article in the NY Post Johnson thinks Collins gets the edge since he has been involved with the Mets farm system and can tell the new Gm and his buddies who is ready and who can make the most impact with the team.  Maybe its me but I think that's Collins job anyway even if he doesn't get the job as Manager. 

Word is that the Mets might be making some calls tonight or early tomorrow morning to the 4 candidates on what the decision is and who will lead the Mets.  Look for 2nd guessing to run amok once the decision is made. 

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