Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mets seem to narrow manger search to 3 : Collins,Melvin,Hurdle why?

As we enter this week it looks like even though the Mets have not finished round 1 that there are 3 candidates that are learking near the top of the fish bowl for the Mets new manager.  Jose Oquendo will be interviewed on Monday but its all ready reported that internal candidtates that have not been manager before are not in the running for a second round interview.

Sherman has spouted that Alderson "determined he did not want a first-time manager in New York for this Mets team, which is why Chip Hale, despite interviewing well, is no longer a candidate, though he very well may be on the Mets coach staff again next year.” That of course means Tuefel,Backman and Oberkfel are out as well. 

I cant see why they think Backman doesnt deserve a 2nd round interview.  Alot of the guys around the team think Collins has the inside track. Lets hope there wrong. Collins seems to do well as a coordinator in the minor leagues. He has managed 2 times with the Astros and the Angels and all reports are that the Angel players actually lobbied to have him fired since he was a bit high strung and didnt work well with the younger players. Not sure why since he seems to excel with younger players in the minor leagues.  Hurdle and Melvin have seemed to moved on too round2. Hurlde is a very smart man and always has something positive to say. The issue with him is that he only made the playoffs once with the Rockies and that was by the skin of there teeth. 

The Mets have a great canditate in Backman that of course will inspire the fan base. Collins is too high strung and Melvin is a wet fish. Why would Alderson determine that just because they dont have major league manager experience that they cant leasd this team?  I mean major league managers have come in here and done nothing.  Of course there is still some time but is Alderson making a mistake already? 

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