Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who will the Mets interview besides Collins and Melvin for round 2?

It seems to the media at least that there are 2 locks for a round 2 interview. Terry " cant relate to players" Collins and Bob "vanilla" Melvin. Of course these days there isn't much that makes the Mets fan happy. 

Collins some tend to think that he has the upper hand even though he managed with the Astros and Angels and seem to lose the clubhouse with both.  Of course DePodesta I am sure will back Collins since he was his fav to get the LA Dodgers job some years ago.  Melvin who might be Alderson's favorite is no ones favorite at this point. 

We still think there might be room for 2 more candidates who should get more then just a courtesy interview and that is fan favorite Wally Backman and of course Mets coach Chip Hale.

Hale too me is someone that alot of the Mets already know and respect for his hard work with the infielders,his ability to understand today's players and obviously uses some of today's technology & some sabre metrics and wouldn't be afraid of it like Manager Jerry was.

Last summer Kevin B did a special about Hale on Mets pregame and how he prepares before a game as a coach and it was pretty impressive to see to what lengths he uses video and past performance and how he incorporates that into game day.

Of course its a pretty big leap to go from coach to Manager . Just ask Davey Johnson who wasn't a manager in the Major leagues until he got his shot with the Mets.  The Mets need someone who isn't going to just punch a clock and do everything he is told. Melvin doesn't really inspire anyone.  I think Hale can. 

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