Wednesday, December 29, 2010

6 former Mets on Hall of Fame Ballot: Does John Franco get a call?

As we start getting back into our routine here in blizzard happy New York the Mets have some former players that are on this years Hall Of Fame Ballot. Right now there are 6 players that used to play for the Mets that could get in. Of course only 1 maybe 2 has a real shot of getting in if not this year somewhere down the road. 

The 6 we have are Roberto Alomar,Carlos Baerga,John Franco,Lenny Harris,Al Leiter and John Olerud.

Alomar might make it this year but no thanks to his 2 ugly years he had in NY. Last year he was 8 votes shy and could find those votes this year.

The crew of Baerga,Harris,Leiter and Olerud might not have what it takes to stay on the ballot with 5% of the vote. Check out ESPN for a pretty good comparison on Olerud and Hernandez's career. 

Franco did have a ERA under 3 for his career and still leads all southpaws in career saves by a lefty with 426. Of course if Wagner doesn't retire he would pass him since he only trails by 4. Still though I do not think we will see Franco getting the call this Jan 5th. 


metsfan73 said...

Franco was a compiler, not a dominant closer/relief pitcher. The Hall Of Fame should be for those who dominated. Alomar, aside from his time in Flushing, should be a shoe-in. Olerud was awesome, but did it very quietly. That might hurt him.

Love The Mets said...

M-E-T-S METS METS METS! I love the Mets! Love the Mets!

Jobu said...

when is piazza eligible?

metsfan73 said...

Piazza should be eligible in 2012 (retired in 2007).