Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Alderson and crew need to non tender Maine and Green

Before the Mets head out to the Winter meetings they have some work to do with a couple of there pitchers.  Decisions have to be made about tendering contracts to Sean Green and John Maine.  Maine I think they will just let go. He kind of was in the dog house once he didn’t tell Manager Jerry at the time about being in pain and then the 2 of them sparred in the dugout after he was taken out in the first inning of a game.  Maine is a gamer though and maybe Collins will try to convince Alderson and crew to give him a flyer. 

Sean Green was hurt most of last year with a tear in his rib cage that occurred during the first week or so of the season. He changed his delivery and when he came back he was not too effective.  Green was part of the deal that sent Chavez to the Mariners where the Mets received defective merchandise in Putz .  I think Green should be a goner even though his agent is barking that the guy gives innings which you can read about here

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Anonymous said...

Hey fans! In an unexpected move from a franchise which seems, again ,to be sitting on there collective hands as deals are made for players which would benefit the team. The Mets are rumored to be close to acquiring past major leaguer and current broadcaster Bob Uecker! Though unconfirmed, when asked why the proposed signing. A source close to the ball club said well the Ueck can't hit or field but much could be said for most of this team last year. Besides he is in our price range and unlike most of this team he is actually TRYING TO BE FUNNY!