Friday, December 24, 2010

Jason Bay opens up about his first year in Queens

Jason Bay chatted it up with Kevin B on thursday edition of Hot Stove. He offered no excuses for his poor offensive performance. Bay was upfront saying it wasn't so much the park but said he has had bad year's before and just wants to get out there again and prove that he can do it.

 He was so matter of fact about it saying about his '10 bad year that he comes out saying I don't care what I did wrong . He did say that he did try to make some adjustments that he doesn't normally do and will keep himself in the zone for 2011.  Be great if Bay had a monster year in 2011 since he will be with the team 3 more years.

Check out the video and what he had to say about his defense at Mets Hot Stove

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