Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mets: All Quiet On The Flushing Front? Maybe Not...

As my partner in crime scribed earlier, the Mets made two moves yesterday in acquiring Ronny Paulino and CJ Carrasco.

Although these moves seem insignificant, they actually aren't. The Mets are in dire need of bullpen help with the departure of
Hinsanori Takahashi.

As for Paulino, the Mets have no viable back-up to expected starter Josh Thole. Henry Blanco won't return and Omir Santos fled the Mets for the Tigers.

All this being said, the biggest move might involve Mets Centerfielder Carlos Beltran. It is being rumored that Beltran is in the sights of the Red Sox. As for Beltran's apparently unmovable $18.5 contract for 2011, Sandy Alderson was not opposed to eating some of the money:

I think we’re realists. If we felt given all of the components of the transaction that it was in our interest, yeah. Eaten money before and prepared to eat it again.”

Aside from Beltran accepting the trade, which many think he would do, who do the Red Sox have that the Mets would want? Jacoby Ellsbury? I have read many in Boston are frustrated with his lack of defensive ability.

Another name mentioned is
Daisuke Matsuzaka. Matsuzaka is owed $20M over the next two years. That could help fill the void that was created with Johan Santana's shoulder surgery.

I for one don't want to see Beltran moved. I think he has been a whipping boy for the press and fans over the last six years. If you take out his debut season of 2005, he has been a solid Met. Has won Gold Gloves, hit 40 HR's one year, and has been the only clutch player over that period of time. I do believe he is on his last legs, with the need for microfracture surgery looming.

If the Mets work out a deal for Beltran, who will play RF? Lucas Duda? Nick Evans? Offensively and defensively, that would be a huge drop off.

As fans we have to give Alderson time to fix the mess that was left to him, but he can't start his regime as Mets GM by tanking the season. It is a precarious position, and unfortunately we have to be patient, which is nearly impossible.

The other point becomes if they assume Matsuzaka's hefty contract, it will mean another off season (2011) of few moves. The Mets appear to be financially strapped, and are just waiting for Castillo, Beltran, and Rodriguez' contracts to expire. If they obtain Daisuke, the won't be alleviating much need money.

All Quiet On The Flushing Front? Maybe not.

David Lennon and Baseball Reference

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