Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mets need help in all areas including Advertising-Marketing

This is has to rank up there as one of the worst promo's of recent years. The Mets who have done nothing this off season that relishes being a Met fan besides showing restraint cant ever create a decent promo for there season ticket holders. Ok first the bad video

Now a Mets promo video that is slighly more effective. It has everyone's fav Mr Met. This promo video was used during a road trip a couple of seasons ago-Of course seeing our beloved Shea again is always a plus! Think the Mets should have used Mr Met in the first video but he probably read the script and was smart enough to decline. Thanks to Matthew Artus

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Love The Mets said...

I love the Mets! Those videos are both awesome! Let's go Mets! All the way in 2011! We are going to win the World Series!