Monday, December 13, 2010

Mets to promote Ken Oberkfell

Sometimes just being a company man pays off. Since Terry Collins has only been with the Mets organization 1 year the Mets will give him someone on the bench that has been around a while. Finally company man Ken Oberkfell will be promoted and brought on as bench coach for Collins which will be announced early this week.

Obie has been the Mets triple A manager of the Mets triple A affiliate for 6 years and did do a stint as the Mets first base coach right after a couple of the coaches got canned in the Mid morning massacre back in 2008.

Oberkfell will compliment Collins well on the Mets coaching staff who also will bring back Mookie Wilson who will be the Mets first base coach. Mook will give the Mets there tie they seem to love back to there 86 team which is the last time the Mets won a World Series which to some younger fans is still something they have not witnessed.

Obie joined the Mets in 2001 after a fine career where at one point he was a teammate of Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez when they were with the Cardinals. Best of luck and maybe we see him as a manager some day.

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