Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Sox get Crawford : We get Boof!

Day 3 of the winter meetings ended with a bang for the New England's team the Boston Red Sox. They signed speedster Carl Crawford to a 7 year deal worth 142M. First guy I am sure to never hit 20 homers and sign a deal over 100M .  The Red Sox lineup really has changed now with Adrian Gonzalez hitting behind David Ortiz and throw Carl Crawford in there.  Very nice.

 Who did the Mets sign on day 3?  hold on to your hats..The guy with the best nickname ..Boof Bonser! The 29 year old who finished the season with the A's penned a minor league dela with the Mets and he will I am sure be invited to spring training for a shot at the Mets rotation.  He spend most of the year in the minors last year but still had 6.1K per 9 inning ratio.

Look for the Mets to pick up a player or 2 from the Rule 5 draft scheduled today.

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