Friday, January 14, 2011

Can you believe Spring Training tickets on sale in 1 day: First game Feb 26th

Tough to grasp with the amount of snow we have around here on long island but in a couple of weeks the Mets will report to Port St Lucie and start getting ready for the year that most people pick them to flop.

Tickets go on sale tommorrow for the grapefruit season at digital domain park and if you need tickets you can check out the link here

The Mets will have pitchers and catchers report on the 15th while the first full workout for Teryy Collins's crew is Feb 21st.  Mets play the Braves on Feb 26th for the first of 4 games against there rivals at DDP.

Collins better get some rest before the spring gets going because its going to be a tough spring to see if Castillo can play and when he cant who will play 2nd. Then of course the pitching.