Monday, January 10, 2011

Mets offer paltry 1 year deals as pitchers just go elsewhere.

The Mets have missed out on 2 decent relief pitchers over the last week. The Mets offered Randy Choate 1.4M and a boatload of incentives to have him sign with the Mets. So who signs him? The salary challenged Marlins who just last year was spanked for not spending $$ that they get through MLB and other teams. 

The 35 year old Choate signed a 2.5M deal to sign with the Marlins in 2011. The southpaw averaged 8.1 strike outs per 9 innings last year with the Rays. 

The Mets also watch the White Sox sign lefty relief specialist Wil Ohman to a 2 year deal worth 4M. He cant get righties out but held lefites to a batting average under .230 last year . The Mets need a lefty to fill the role against the Phillies lefty lineup.

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