Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mets organization can only go up from being ranked #26

Yesterday was a really good day to be a Met fan.  2 items of interest made the rounds. The first one is that no Mets made the top 50 prospects that were ranked.  Very nice. There were only a couple of teams that didnt have anyone. Mets are of course 1 of them. The other is that Keith Law of ESPN ranked the teams organizations and the Mets ranked 26th.

Wow  talk abut impressive . Sandy and the crew I am sure placed that on there window or there office door. Mets are near the bottom and there top prospect is Wilmer Flores and he comes in at 58th. See what happens when you adhere to slotting rules?

The Mets were usually the middle of the pack organization wise and now are near the bottom after the boot of Omar and Tony B last year.  Alderson and crew need to wake up . Teams like the Phillies rank 5th and even the Yankees are near the top after year after year of signing free agents and giving up picks.

The  Mets need to build from the ground up and Alderson has taken on a huge undertaking and hopefully the Wilpons wont impede. Yeah I know I laughed when I wrote that too.

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