Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sorry Sandy Alderson another cheapy pickup, Kris Benson has retired.

It cant be that far of a stretch?  I mean I can hear the phone call now.  Alderson getting all jazzed up by saying come on Kris  we will pay you 500K and if you make the team and gives 10 -15 starts before you breakdown again for the umpteenth time you will make 2M in incentives.

Yesterday former Met, who’s wife made more headlines then he did,  Kris Benson has retired as per Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports  .

The Mets looking for bargains this winter I am sure at least tapped the tires on this one. Benson made just three starts for Arizona in 2010 amassing 14 innings and a Era over 5.00 Of course that didn’t bother Alderson.  I mean the fact that he came back from Rotator cuff surgery probably is what put the light in Alderson’s head.

It is really a sad state of Met affairs when this team seems to enjoy dumpster diving. Looking forward to who might be next in the dumpster dive portion of the off season.

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